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Slain therapist’s friend questioned, released

NEW YORK (CNN) — Police on Thursday questioned a man in Pennsylvania about the grisly murder of a therapist in her Upper East Side office on Tuesday night.

William Kunsman, who said he met the victim five years ago at a guitar camp, denied involvement in hacking to death Kathryn Faughey with a meat cleaver.

I hadn’t even known what happened before I went in this morning, Kunsman told CNN outside his home in Coplay, Pennsylvania. Through the questioning, I kind of pieced the puzzle together, and I realized they were talking about Kathryn. Later on at one point, they let me know that she was murdered.

Kunsman was picked out of a photo lineup by a second victim of the attack who survived with serious wounds, according to a New York Police Department source.

Kunsman told CNN he was at home with his wife Tuesday night. He said he was released after 10 hours of questioning once police confirmed his story.

NYPD Assistant Chief Michael Collins said that the man they questioned did not make any incriminating statements and that he spoke with investigators for a time before requesting a lawyer and refusing to answer additional questions.

Collins said police were able to track the man to a Pennsylvania residence using e-mails found on the slain woman’s computer.

I’ve been unemployed, so I haven’t been able to see my own doctor lately, Kunsman said. She e-mailed me with her phone number and said I could call her, and I’ve been talking to her about some personal issues.

He said he last spoke to Faughey on Tuesday.

Faughey, 56, was found in her Upper East Side office with several stab wounds to her head and torso. The attacker used two knives and a meat cleaver, police said, and Faughey died at the scene.

A second therapist, Kent Shinbach, 70, was seriously injured when he came to Faughey’s aid.

Police are still interviewing a number of witnesses in their investigation of the attacks, Collins said.

The man attacked Shinbach for 10 minutes, police said. He pinned the therapist to the wall with a chair, slashed him repeatedly in the head and torso, then stole his money, police said.

Shinbach was able to call for help through an open window. The building’s doorman heard the cries and called police.

Shinbach was in serious condition at a hospital Wednesday, according to New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne, describing Faughey’s office, told CNN that blood was splattered on the walls and floors, and books and papers were strewn about.

From surveillance video in the building, police know that the attacker entered the East 79th Street building around 8 p.m. and chatted for a while with a patient waiting to see Shinbach. Watch what the cameras saw

After the crime, the attacker went down the front stairway and left the building through the basement. Police described the attacker as a man in his 40s wearing a three-quarter-length green coat, a baseball cap and sneakers.

The attacker carried two bags that he left in the basement. One held nine knives, and the other contained women’s clothing, slippers and adult disposable diapers, Browne told CNN. Three other weapons — two knives and the cleaver — were found in Faughey’s office.

Evidence was removed from Faughey’s office Thursday, and police say DNA tests will be done on the samples.

Police have released no motive behind the killing.

Faughey’s 20-year-old practice focused on relationships, depression and anxiety. According to her Web site, http://www.adaptation.net/, she paid special attention to managing relationship problems with the Internet.

She described her treatment on her Web site: My sessions move quickly. I am interactive, and I give feedback. Very practical and to the point, I practice cognitive psychotherapy effectively — in a warm, clear, and lively manner.
Slain therapist’s friend questioned, released – found here.


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