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Question of the Week: Rainforest protection

International emissions trading schemes are becoming a more profitable deal. For rainforest countries, the growth of carbon trade markets in Europe and the U.S. could present a more viable alternative to government aide, as industrialized nations pay up for the pollution they create through so-called carbon credits.

Rainforests, in carbon trade jargon, are considered great carbon sinks that help absorb carbon dioxide and combat global warming. However, they are disappearing at an alarming rate. Rainforest countries feel they are not being compensated for preserving the forests, a laborious enterprise in developing nations that often struggle with providing a basic socio-economic infrastructure for their own people.

But until there will be a reliable trading scheme in 2012, what can be done now to help save the remaining forests? The government of Guyana are in talks with the British government to lend the country’s 16 million hectare rainforest until 2012 when a regulated carbon trading scheme is created.

Question: Do you think this is a viable solution to conserve the rainforests? Send us your thoughts to ecosolutions@cnn.com

When you write in to Eco Solutions, please include the question you are responding to in the email. Please also remember to include your full name and country of residence. E-mail to a friend

Question of the Week: Rainforest protection – found here.


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