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Prosecutor: O.J. Simpson violated terms of bail

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) — O.J. Simpson was taken into custody in Florida on allegations that he violated terms of his bail by trying to talk a co-defendant out of cooperating in a Las Vegas armed robbery case, court documents say.

Simpson, 60, is to go before a Nevada judge on Wednesday at the request of Clark County District Attorney David Roger.

The prosecutor filed a motion Friday to revoke Simpson’s $125,000 bail.

Court documents obtained by CNN say Simpson allegedly tried to reach co-defendant Clarence Stewart though his bail bondsman. That was a violation of the terms of his release, according to a transcript of his bail hearing attached to the legal papers.

Authorities say they have a copy of a voicemail Simpson left for Stewart, the court documents say. Simpson is quoted as saying:

I just want, want C.J. to know that the whole thing all the time he was tellin’ me that (bleep), ya know. I hope he was telling me the truth. Don’t be trying to change the mother (bleeping) (bleep) now, mother (bleeping) (bleep) holes. I’m tired of this (bleep). Fed up with the mother (bleepers) changing what they told me.

Stewart is not cooperating with prosecutors.

Simpson was freed on bail on September 19 following his arrest on allegations he and several friends burst into a Las Vegas hotel room and robbed two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint.

Simpson has pleaded not guilty to 12 criminal counts in connection with what prosecutors contend was an armed robbery.

In November, a judge ordered the former football great and two co-defendants to stand trial.

The counts include conspiracy, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, coercion and assault with a deadly weapon.

Prosecutors allege Simpson and five other men burst into a room at the Palace Station Hotel, held two memorabilia dealers — Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong — against their will and flashed at least one gun while removing items.

Simpson said he was merely taking back items that belonged to him, but one of the two alleged victims described it as a military-style invasion.

Three other men initially charged along with Simpson in the incident — Walter Alexander, Charles Cashmore and Michael McClinton — testified against him during a preliminary hearing under the terms of a plea agreement with prosecutors.
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